Mary DeLaMare-Schaefer, Timpanogos Regional General Manager, nominated Megan Gruaell for the June Rider of the Month.  Mary says, “Megan rides to work everyday to Kneaders Bakery and Café. She is so kind to her operator each and every day. We would love to have more riders like Megan ride our buses in Utah County.

Rising above the odds

Megan was born in Provo, and moved to Orem when she was eight years old. Growing up she loved to dance all the way through her high school days at Mountain View High School. After graduating from high school, Megan attended a semester of college, but she was struggling with the workload due to her autism. She decided to put school on hold and reach out to Scenic View Academy who helps people with autism get additional help with mathematics, English and typing to prepare her for college. “They also helped me move out my parents home into an apartment and found me a job at Kneaders,” says Megan. She has been out on her own for the past five years, and she plans to hopefully get married some day and finish her education. In her free time, Megan loves to paint acrylic, workout at the recreation center, and run 5K races.

How long have you been riding?

“I have been riding UTA for the past five years, since I moved out on my home. Due to my autism, I don’t have a drivers license so I rely on UTA to get me everywhere. I ride UVX to the library, mall, Walmart and my niece’s graduation. I ride Route 834 to work, and 850 to visit my parents in Pleasant Grove.

Why do you ride?

Megan uses UTA for all of her transportation to go to work, school, home, or out for an adventure. It is her only form of transportation for all her needs. “I ride UTA everywhere,” says Megan.

Why should people ride UTA?

“Everyone should ride UTA because it saves you gas and time. You don’t have to wait for any traffic and it helps save our environment. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend time with your best friends, visiting your parents, going to a restaurant, or enjoying the great outdoors.”

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