Municipality CO-OP Pass

The Municipality Co-op Pass gives residents of participating cities and towns an opportunity to purchase a discounted monthly transit pass. With this Pass, we can all recognize the benefits of public transit to individuals, businesses and the community in reducing congestion, improving the quality of air and the environment.

  • A Municipality Co-op Pass program would be administered by the municipality, which is responsible for selling and issuing transit passes to their residents;
  • Municipalities may offer Local and Premium passes, depending on location and transit access;
  • UTA-supplied passes are electronic fare cards allowing cardholders to tap On and Off each time they board and exit UTA;
  • Participating municipalities are responsible for promoting, advertising and direct marketing for their pass. In addition, they are responsible for administering their program (i.e., activating / deactivating passes, collecting payment, printing name and photo on the pass, collecting and processing applications and verifying residency).
  • For more information, contact UTA at


The HIVE PASS is a Salt Lake City program offered to all Salt Lake City residents with the goal of making transit more affordable and accessible. Your home address must be in Salt Lake City boundaries to be eligible for a Hive Pass. Having a personalized pass in your pocket makes riding transit more convenient – no more searching for exact change for your fare.

The HIVE PASS is a monthly pass that activates on the first day of the month for which it is purchased. You can purchase the pass at any time, and the cost will always be $42 so purchasing the pass at or very near the first of the month will help you make the most of the pass. Additionally, you may pre-purchase for the next month and your Hive Pass will activate on the 1st day of the upcoming month.

The cost of the pass to resident is $42.00 per month, a 50% discount from a regular monthly UTA pass. The remaining 50% is covered by Salt Lake City (30%), and UTA (20%). You may pre-purchase for an entire year for $475. That is an additional $29 discount!

Use the Hive Pass on regular buses, TRAX, and the S-Line streetcar. If you are transferring from TRAX or Bus to Frontrunner, the pass will be valid for one station on Frontrunner. You must ‘tap on and tap off’ with the pass for each trip, and each time you change from one transit mode to another – Bus to Bus, Bus to TRAX, or TRAX to Bus.

For more information about the Hive Pass, eligibility and how to buy a HIVE pass:
(801) 596-RIDE (7433)

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