It's been a little over a week since the PRIDE Parade and we're still feeling the love! UTA attended the PRIDE Parade for the first time with nearly 200 participants including employees and their families and friends.

UTA employees came from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, beliefs, orientations and identities to celebrate the day in unity with approximately 70,000 parade spectators. Employees were accompanied by the custom-wrapped bus visually representing the LGBTQ+ community with the message "Ride with PRIDE".
UTA was also represented at the PRIDE Festival with a photo booth, games and prizes and employment information. UTA serves the entire community regardless of how a person identifies and is accepting of all people.  
Keep a look-out for the "PRIDE" bus! It's still in service and will continue to share the message of inclusivity and PRIDE. If you missed the parade you can watch it on YouTube, provided by Latter Gay Stories. UTA shows up at 18:20 in the video.
Utah PRIDE Parade Live-Stream 2022
Happy Riding!

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