Give Your Ticket Holders a Stress-Free Ride

You just spent days planning the perfect event. You are now noticing that parking will be in short supply. Why not give your ticket holders a parking-free travel solution? That’s where UTA’s Ticket as Fare program comes in. It lets your ticket holders ride UTA bus, TRAX or FrontRunner to your event without having to purchase additional UTA fare. That means your customers get added value for their event ticket. They arrive to your event without the stress of finding parking, too.

We Can Fit Your Needs

UTA’s Ticket as Fare program can be customized to fit your specific event’s needs. The way it works is easy. As the event holder, you typically pay a discounted rate to ride UTA services for each event ticket you sell. The pricing varies by how many tickets you sell and what UTA services you want to include. Most event holders include the discounted cost of riding UTA in the total ticket price.

Who offers Ticket as Fare now?

Several large events have created a Ticket as Fare agreement with UTA. The event sizes range from the tens of thousands to just under a thousand. Here are a few of the bigger events in town using the program.

Find Your Perfect Fit

To participate in the UTA Ticket as Fare program, simply sign up for more information.

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