Paratransit Services

UTA's Paratransit Service ADA program is a service of the Utah Transit Authority, for people with physical, cognitive or visual disabilities who are functionally unable to independently use the UTA fixed route bus service either all of the time, temporarily or only under certain circumstances. UTA provides complementary origin-to-destination service. For curb-to-curb service, customers are responsible for getting to and from the curb at the pick-up and drop-off locations by themselves. Riders must be ready to ride during the 30-minute ready to ride time and must board the bus within 5 minutes of the bus arrival.

Paratransit Evaluation Center

All persons seeking eligibility for Paratransit Service ADA Program must appear in person and must complete the evaluation process. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine whether the applicant can ever use the fixed route bus and TRAX light rail service, even after training and, if not, what specific circumstances would create a barrier to the applicant's independent use of the fixed route bus service.

The components of the Paratransit Service mobility evaluation may include verification of disability, the applicant's own assessment of his/her ability to use the fixed route bus and TRAX light rail service, and a functional assessment, if needed. Information provided by a health care professional regarding the applicant's ability to use the bus may also be considered in how a person's disability affects their functional ability to ride fixed route bus and TRAX light rail services.

Plan & Pay with Transit

Riding, planning and paying just got easier on UTA! You can now access UTA’s system with an easy-to-use app for trip planning, real-time tracking, multimodal connections (TRAX, FrontRunner, Bus, Streetcar and UTA On Demand) and fare payment.

Other Payment Options

UTA has a variety of ways to pay. From Farepay Cards, Reduced Farepay Cards, Train Station TVMs and more.

Travel Training

We want to make it easier for you to learn how to ride UTA services like bus, TRAX and FrontRunner. UTA has dedicated travel trainers who work with seniors, people with disabilities and others to show them how to ride UTA. Our travel trainers can meet with you one-on-one or do a group presentation. The best part about our travel training, besides learning some great tips, is that it’s free! If you are interested in talking with our Travel Training team, please call 801-287-2275 or email

Ride Time

The Ride Time SMS text message service gives riders real-time bus departure information for more than 6500 bus stops throughout the service area. Ride Time works on any mobile phone with text-messaging capabilities.

ADA Parking

UTA offers ADA accessible parking stalls at all our Park and Ride lots located near bus stops, TRAX stations, and FrontRunner stations. Below is a list of all our Park and Ride lots. Aerial views with actual parking stall locations will be coming soon.

Vehicle Boarding Locations

All our buses are equipped with automatic ramps at the front of the bus for our fixed route buses and the middle of the Paratransit buses. An operator will lower the ramp and then work with you to secure your mobility device on the bus as you enter and leave the bus.

High Block ramps are available at TRAX stations for mobility devices to board the train. Push the ramp button to eject the ramp and board the train to the nearest ADA area on the train. There you will be able to secure your mobility device to keep you safe.

Proceed to the center of the station for ADA Access. A Train Host will manually set a ramp down for you to proceed onto the train. They will help take you to the nearest ADA seating area to secure your mobility device.

How to Ride

The following videos below will teach you the fundamentals of riding a bus, TRAX train, FrontRunner Train, UVX bus, UTA on Demand Rideshare, and how to load your bike:

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