We share everyday moments with our neighbors, family, coworkers, friends and fellow riders. We go to work, school, bus stops, or train stations. It's easy to overlook these routine moments, but as you’re going about your day, if you see something that doesn't seem quite right, say something. You can be our eyes and ears to report suspicious activity to the UTA Police Department. You can help protect your family, neighbors, and community.

See Something

  • Person tampering with cars 
  • Person screaming, yelling or fighting
  • Person loitering near bus stops or train stations
  • Person destroying or vandalising UTA property
  • Person on the railroad tracks
  • Person stealing a bag or purse
  • Person with injuries
  • Person breaking glass
  • Person who is visibly agitated, such as pacing excessively or crying
  • Person approaching minors

Say Something

  • Call 9-1-1: for medical emergencies
    • You’re connected to a 911 dispatcher, who will send UTA and local police, fire and paramedics to the scene of the emergency. 
  • Call 801-287-3937 (EYES): for suspicious activity 
    • You’re connected to a UTA dispatcher who will ask your 5W’s, while a transit officer is sent immediately to investigate the suspicious activity.
  • Text UTATIP: to 274-637 (CRIMES) for suspicious activity
    • Your anonymous tip is sent to a UTA dispatcher for them to ask you questions via text. This could cause a delay in the officer response, so please call 287-EYES if you need immediate response. 

Remember the 5 W’s

  • What’s happening?
    • Explain the details from start to finish
    • Vehicle Make, Model, Color, License Plate, Bumper Stickers, and direction of travel
  • Who’s doing it?
    • Person Race, Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Facial Hair, Clothing, Glasses, Tattoos or Scars (add direction of travel)
  • Where’s it taking place?
    • Bus Stop Address
    • Train Station Address
    • Cross Street
  • When did you observe it?
    • Time of Day
  • Why it’s suspicious?
    • Weapons Involved
    • Personal Harm

Be Ready

Take a moment to screenshot this information or add the text information and safety phone number into your phone. There might be that moment you witness something that’s not right, be ready to do your part to keep UTA a safe and welcome service for everyone.

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